Bagolaro brings on your table the tastiest products nature can offer. They include Sabina Dop Olive Olive and so many genuine and farm-to-table foods that will make your meal really special. We know how to satisfy all the palates, also the hardest to please.


Who doesn't love chocolate? It cheers us up, it makes every breakfast sweeter, it improves cakes and is also delicious to eat with a simple teaspoon. Yes, we couldn’t stand without chocolate. Bagolaro prepares for you the most genuine chocolate you could ever ask for, with hazelnuts, cocoa powder, olive oil and just a pinch of sugar. For the most gluttons we added to these base elements some extra aromas such as cinnamon or hot peppers. Our products are additive-free and 100% genuine. If you want to purchase detail our chocolate is available in pots of 212 ml. If you need industrial quantities, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Willing to make a dinner with friends special? Try our patè! Savory and creamy farm-to-table foods ready to be spread directly on croutons or slices of home-made bread. All our patés contain only olives, olive oil and garlic, so forget preservatives and additives. Our delicious product is available in pots from 212 mls, but if you have a restaurant and need more quantities, contact us!


Artisan jams are different. Their flavor and their quality is so special. They are so many recipes that can be made irresistible if you add that homemade touch. Bagolaro produces its jams with seasonal fruits, with a low quantity of sugars. We believe in health eating and healthy food, so we offer you only genuine products without adding fat or preservative. Our jams are waiting for you in pots of 106 and 212 ml.


Are you looking for something fruity but new? Try our canned fruit! You can eat it or add it to make your desserts even more special. Our juicy product is available pots of 580gr and it contains only delicious fruit (90%), water and sugar, without any type of preservative and additive.


If you love fanciful things, you must try our olives enriched with orange, hot peppers and garlic. Do you want to prepare a savory appetizer for your friends? Surprise them with our olives’ unique flavor. Just one warning: once you start eating cherries, you won’t stop! There are only 3 main ingredients: leccino olive 98%, garlic and salt. You can buy our olives in pots of 250gr, but we can satisfy other requests.


This is really special, something you can find only at Bagolaro. Vegetables seared in a pan and then preserved with oil and balmy vinegar, but be careful we aren’t talking about classic marinated food. In the pot all those liquid components tie and create a unique dressing. Artichoke and zucchini from Sabina will give to your meal a new and extremely savory taste. The ingredients are: vegetables 68%, oil virgin extra of olive (21%), balmy vinegar. You can purchase our dressings in pots of 212 and 314 ml. Don’t hesitate to contact us for bigger quantities.

Our farm-to-table foods are produced both for the export and to be purchased detail. If you are curious and glutton you can visit us and taste our specialties.